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Join Our Volunteer Team!

Serving your community as a volunteer firefighter or emergency medical service member is a privilege with exciting challenges that will create lifetime memories.

The Orr’s and Bailey Islands Fire Department covers both islands and southern portions of Great Island and responds to about 200 calls a year.

Volunteer firefighters and EMS members carry radio pagers that alert them to emergencies. Depending on their location, volunteers may respond aboard department apparatus or directly to an emergency scene.

What are some benefits of volunteering?

Volunteering as a firefighter or emergency medical service member has many benefits.First and foremost is the knowledge of making a difference in the lives of people who live and play in our community. Volunteers develop a great sense of pride in their service and develop close ties to the community. Helping our friends and neighbors in need is not only the right thing to do, it feels good to do it.

Some other benefits include:

  • All required training provided and paid for by the department
  • All required safety equipment and gear provided and paid for by the department
  • Learn decision-making skills and risk assessment
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Personal development and the satisfaction of helping others
  • Camaraderie and fellowship as a member of a team
  • Length-of-service awards and an annual appreciation dinner
  • Small annual compensation based on numnber of calls answered

How much time is required to be a volunteer?

We are only asked to give as much time as we can comfortably afford. A monthly member and maintenance meeting occurs on the first Wednesday of each month. Training is offered on the third Wednesday of most months. These meetings provide the opportunity to build team relationships, assure the equipment is in operational order and develop the required skills to be a fire and rescue responding member.

Each of us is free to decide what roles we can perform, the level of training we receive, how often we respond, and when we are available to answer calls. There is no obligation beyond a willingness to help, attendance at certain meetings and training sessions, and compliance with department policies and state and federal requirements.

What kinds of volunteer roles are available?

The highest-skilled positions, requiring the most training, are interior firefighters and emergency medical technicians. Volunteers for those roles are our most urgent need, but there are many other jobs important to our live-saving mission which require far less training.

Firegfighting operations involve many people working as a team performing supportive roles like traffic control, getting supplies to the scene, and maintaining, setting up and operating equipment.

The emergency medical rescue service requires drivers for the ambulance and paramedic vehicle and attendants to help lift and carry and provide other support.

We also have opportunities for people who prefer not to espond to emergencies but still want to help, such as administrative support, maintaining the stations, cleaning equipment and replenishing supplies. We need volunteers to help out at public events, such as our annual auction and yard sale, and people to serve on our Board of Directors and other department committees.

For even more info on the various roles, please visit the town-wide fire and rescue recruitment and information site at www.harpswellfireandrescue.org.

How do I apply?

If you're interested in volunteering as a firefighter or for fire support, or joining the rescue squad, please call us at 833-5405 , e-mail or submit the following form.